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I wouldn’t say I’m a full-fledged feminist, but I do believe in girl power. We have it tough in the workplace, at a car dealership, at the mechanic, at the bar, and in society in general. We get treated differently than men. We’re too nice, … Continue reading Ladies

Why All The Selfies?

1. We know what you look like.

There is no reason to post a close up of your face for everyone to see because, well, we know what you look like.

2. Doing it for attention.

If you spend your day thinking about how many likes you’ll get on social media, you need a new hobby.

3. Nobody cares.

Seriously. Nobody gives a shit. Except maybe you.

4. The type of people who post them.

You are too self-involved. Please stop because frankly, it’s unattractive.