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A Letter to my Teammates

Dear Teammates,chalk1

You are the ones who have seen me at my worst (crying in the fetal position), at my angriest (yelling at the coach and storming out of the gym), and at my best (all the medals, first places, and successful routines).


You are the ones who have embraced me through it all, and accepted me despite my imperfections and mood swings. You have been my supporters, my rivals, and my best friends. You have loved me through the pain, sweat, blood, and tears. You have defeated me and in turn pushed me to become better; I love you for it.

IMG_0624Above everything else, you are the ones who understand me the most. You understand how I think, feel, and function. You understand my OCD behaviors, my stone cold bitch face, and why crying is unacceptable.


No one understands and respects an athlete better than another athlete. We have been through a lot, way more than the general public understands. Countless surgeries, concussions, broken bones, pulled muscles, torn skin, and tape – a lot of tape.



Thank you for standing by my side, and for continuing to be my best friends through life after gymnastics.





With love,

~Brini, Brina, Brinksi, Ween, Sabrina



NFL Football

As baseball season comes to an end, sports enthusiasts are looking forward to a fall season full of pumpkin flavored Starbucks drinks, cooler temperatures, and football!

It’s refreshing how loyal a person can be to a team. Professional, college, and even high school football fans have high hopes for their team. Many people watch their beloved team on television, but how much football do you actually watch? I did some digging and found a few sources that have great numbers on what actually goes on when you watch NFL football on a Sunday, or Monday.

In a nutshell you get about 11-12 minutes of actual playing time…dare I ask why we even watch it on tv anymore? 

Here’s a pie chart from

A photo from The Wall Street Journal and from

Here are the links if you’re interested in the full articles…